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Android6410 Single board computers

Android6410 Description

The Android6410 Single Board Computer is developed based on Samsung ARM11, which is designed to provide cost-effective, low-power capabilities, high performance Application Processor solution for consumer electronics, industrial control, GPS, industry pda etc... Mainly for large enterprise users to test, validate, and consult the performance of software and hardware. Its small, fast, humanized appearance design is a best example for your project, you only need to dedicate on your advantage or your carrier board, just order CPU board from us. Android6410 perfectly realized the performance of Samsung S3C6410 in video media decoding, 2D/3D graphics, display and then put etc... It provides LCD interface, TV out interface, Camera input port, 4 serial ports , SD Card interface, SPI, 100M Network Ethernet RJ45 interface, USB2. 0-OTG interface, USB Host interface, Audio input and output interfaces, that interface, I2C interface etc.The CPU Board contains richer peripherals and Signals, and can be apply to the embedded situation which needs higher performance and processing capacity.

Android6410 Highlights:

•  Lost cost structure: two layers Carrier Board + Six layers CPU Board. Save your every penny .

•  Samsung ARM11 S3C6410 CPU @ 667 MHz,128 MB mDDR,256 MB Flash Disk .

•  SDIO WIFI Module, supporting IEEE802.11b/g .

•  LCD/Touch Screen interface. Supporting 3.5inch TFT LCD, 4.3inch TFT LCD,7inch TFT LCD and 10.4inch LCD .

•  Many modules are available for your choice- GPS, WIFI, Camera, USB HUB+4x4 Matrix Keyboard, USB 3G Modem. .

•  GPIO ,ADC, SPI,IIC and MMC connectors .

•  One audio input interface (3.5mm audio jack) .

•  One 2-channel audio output interface (3.5mm audio jack) .

•  One 100M Ethernet interface (RJ45) .

•  One USB2.0 Device port (Mini USB type interface) .

•  Four serial ports (COM0 is a RS-232 DB9 interface for debugging, COM1-COM3 are three-wire TTL serial port led out from a 20-pin expansion connector, COM3 also is can be output as RS485 ) .

•  SD/MMC interface (supports 3.3V and 1.8V logic voltage) .

•  Camera interface (2x10 pins header, supporting the mode of ITU-R 601/656 8bit) .

•  Seven buttons (Reset, Boot, User defined, On/Off) .

•  TVOUT .

•  Board dimension: Carrier Board-135mm*110mm, CPU Board-52.85mm*65.55mm .

•  Supporting OS: Android, Wince6.0, Linux2.6, Ubuntu

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