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DM642 Digital Media Developer's Kit
Immediately start developing multi-channel, multi-format digital media applications or other future-ready high-performance video & imaging applications using the DM64x Digital Media Developer's Kit (DMDK). Loaded with starter ware, supported by award winning eXpressDSP™ host tools and target software and offered at an exceptional price/performance ratio, the DMDK is a comprehensive fully integrated development platform and an easy-to-use, robust tool suite. Leveraging the high performance TMS320C64x DSP core, this development platform supports TI's TMS320DM642, DM641 & DM640 digital media processors.Two types of users are targeted to jump-start your application development:
•  Experienced with programmable DSP (either TI or other) and want to add multimedia functionality to an existing or new product/system
•  Experienced in video with a background in analog or fixed function hardwired chipsets/ASIC/SOC with minimum experience in writing target DSP software, and who want to use a fully software programmable DSP to increase the performance, flexibility and functionality of a video & imaging system.
Hardware Features
•  720 MHz TMS320DM642 Digital Media Processor
•  TI TVP Decoders
•  32Mb SDRAM
•  4 Mb linear Flash
•  2 video decoders
•  1 video encoder
•  On-Screen Display FPGA implementation
•  Dual RS-232 UARTs and line drivers
•  TLV320AIC23 Stereo Codec with line, microphone, and headphone interfaces
•  10/100 Ethernet PHY
•  32Kb I2C EEPROM
•  8 programmable LEDs,2 S-VHS/composite video inputs
•  S-VHS/composite/VGA video outputs
•  Expansion connectors for daughter card,Single voltage power supply (+5V)
•  4 and 60 pin JTAG connectors

Software Features
•  Compatible with C6xxx Code Composer Studio from TI
• Compatible with all JTAG emulators from Spectrum Digital and TI
Software Features

•  Compatible with Code Composer Studio 3.3
•  Compatible with Spectrum Digital JTAG emulators


•  DM642 EVM Baseboard
•  Code Composer Studio platinum version includes DSP/BIOS real Time Kernel
•  Advanced High Speed Emulator
•  DM642 EVM CD (contents described above)
•  NTSC or PAL Camera
•  Video Cables
•  DM642 EVM Quick Start Guide
•  DM642 EVM Technical Reference
•  5V/5A Power Supply
•  Multilingual Regulatory Compliance Statement

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