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DSP STAR Deluxe is excellent educational equipment which includes the DSP STAR Personal hardware and the other equipments such as Speaker, Stepper Motor and Power in the brief case

The DSP STAR Personal development system consists of a DSP processor module, an I/O board (or a base board) which allows the user to experiment with numerous external signals, and Windows based support software which provides a convenient environment for creating, building and debugging user applications. The DSP STAR Personal hardware is available with several different DSP modules, by selecting an appropriate DSP processor, so that a variety of DSP applications and requirements can be fulfilled for DSP beginners as well as for DSP experts.

Product Contents

•  DSP STAR Personal Hardware Board

•  Speaker

•  Step Motor

•  Power Cable

•  9 Pin Serial Cable

•  Audio Cable

•  Code Builder CD(includes User's Manual)

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