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DaVinci™ TMS320DM6437 Digital Video Development Platform (DVDP)

The DVDP provides developers with a comprehensive hardware and software platform that can be used throughout the entire design process to accelerate the development of a wide range of applications such as in-flight entertainment systems, machine-vision systems, robotics, video security and video telephony, as well as automotive vision applications such as lane departure and collision avoidance.
The DM6437 EVM offers multiple expansion slots for extending connectivity to virtually any hardware prototype or peripheral. The PCI Host Driver expands configuration options for developers by enabling them to plug the DM6437 EVM directly into a PC to use the PC as a host during initial development before prototype hardware is designed and available. The EVM can also be used in a standalone fashion, connected to a PC using onboard emulation, or through a standard JTAG connector.
TI is continuing its multi-operating system (OS) offering for DSPs; the DVDP includes field proven DSP/BIOS kernel and Virtuallogix Linux with a full production license free of charge. The VirtualLogix Linux Kernel can also operate simultaneously with DSP/BIOS on the same DSP through the use of the VirtualLogix DSP tool. This feature will be extremely attractive to customers who must combine real-time signal processing tasks with more traditional computing tasks like graphical user interfaces on the same DSP.
Rounding out the software offering is SoC Analyzer, TI's high-level system tuning and visibility tool which enables developers to visualize SoC streaming data rather than be limited to post-mortem static data analysis. By being able to capture and graphically display system interactions and load distribution, isolate bottlenecks, identify unexpected behaviors, and benchmark application performance, developers are able to maximize efficiency and overall performance while eliminating tedious manual data collection and comparison.
Simple self contained demos burnt into boot flash memory – Runs out of the box
  a. Capture/Preview
  b. Simultaneous Video Encode/Decode
  •  H.264 (Baseline Profile) Video Encode/Decode, G.711 Speech Encode/Decode (CIF)


PC-based High-level demos (Ethernet to PC connection)
  a. Encode demo modes

• H.264 (Baseline Profile) Video Encode (CIF), G.711 Speech Encode

• MPEG4 (Standard Profile) Video Encode (CIF), G.711 Speech Encode

• H.264 (Baseline Profile) Video Encode (D1)


b. Decode demo modes

  • H.264 (Baseline Profile) Video Decode (D1), G.711 Speech Decode

• MPEG4 (Standard Profile) Video Decode (CIF), G.711 Speech Decode

• MPEG2 Video Decode (D1), AAC LC Decode • MPEG2 Video Decode (D1), MPEG1 Layer1 Decode
  c. Host PC Application for data transfer and storage

Hardware Features

• Texas Instruments TMS320DM6437 DSP operating up to 600 Mhz.

• 1 TVP5146M2 Video Decoder

• 4 video DAC outputs

• 128 Mbytes of DDR2 DRAM

• UART and CAN I/O interfaces

• 16 Mbytes of Flash memory, 64 Mbytes NAND Flash, 2 Mbytes SDRAM

• AIC33 stereo codec

• I2C interface with onboard eeprom and expannders

• 10/100 Ethernet Interface

• Embedded JTAG Emulation

• Expansion connectors for Daughter Card use

• VLYNQ Interface

• Single voltage power supply (+5V)

• Expansion connectors for daughter card use

• ATA Interface, VLYNQ Interface

• SPDIF Interface, analog, and optical

Software Features

• Compatible with Code Composer Studio 3.3

• Compatible with Spectrum Digital JTAG emulators

Software Included in kit

• Board specific version of Code Composer Studio

• Codec Engine

• Codec evaluation including: H.264, MPEG-4,G.711

• Network Developer's Kit (NDK)Evaluation (Real-time TCP/IP stack)

• PC-based demo video application and sample Audio/Video files

• SoC Analyzer for system-level tuning and optimization

• Video, Imaging, Audio, and Speech Codecs

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