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EVM5409 Evaluation Board

Hardware Features


64K 16Bit Program RAM

128K 8bit's Flash

1K x 8bit Bidirectional FIFO

USB2.0 Interface

A/DD/A: TCL320AD50: dynamic range of 88dB believed to noise ratio 89 dB, Sampling Frequency 22.05KHz, Sampling Precision 16 bit: RCA Interface for analog output, input.

Expansion MCBSP Interface JTAG Interface

Software Features

Test Procedure :

USB Driver

Flash in the curling of the test program source code

Host Transmission test Procedure


Boards includes the following sections :

•  CY-EVM5409 Boards

•  USB Cables

•  CD

•  CY-XDS510USB2.0 USB emulator

• CCS Software

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