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KIT S5PV210 ARM Development Kit

KITS5PC100-II Highlights


•  Samsung Cortex-A8 ARM S5PV210AH-A0, 1GHz System Clock. Source code of WinCE6.0, Android2.1 are available for the Kit, Android2.2 will be coming soon.


•  Samsung K4T1G108, DDR2, 1G Bytes.


•  Samsung K9F2G08, 256M Bytes SLC Nand Flash Two SD Card slot, each supports up to 32GB One T-Flash slot One ATA Hard-disk interface.

USB Ports:

•  1 USB High Speed OTG 2.0,4 High Speed 2.0 USB Host.


•  One FPC connector for support 4.3”, 7”, 10.2”, 10.4” and 12.1” LCD

•  One 50-pin header for support 4.3”, 7”, 10.2”, 10.4” and 12.1” LCD

•  One VGA, support resolution 1024x768 One LVDS for connect LVDS LCD,Video HDMI V1.3,1080p@30fps,

•  One DVI interface One TV Out, RCA interface


•  Two 2x10 pins header

•  One MIPI interface, MIPI-DSI, MIPI-CSI .


•  Microphone

•  Headphone

•  Speaker Left

•  Speaker Right.


•  One RJ-45 port, DM9000AEP

•  SDIO WIFI, support 802.11 b/g/n .


•  4 RS232 serial interfaces with DB9 port, in which 3 ports are 5-Line, one port are 3-Line.

•  2 RS485 serial interfaces at COM5, COM6 .

Other ports:

•  One 20-pin 2.54 JIAG interface

•  One 8x8 matrix keyboard interface

•  2 channel SPI, SPI0, SPI1

•  3 channel I2C, I2C0,I2C1,I2C2




•  GPIO/INT at one 2x10 pin-header

•  BUS at one 2x25 pin-header .


•  Carrier board-320mmx250mm, CPU Board-96mmx76mm .

Many modules are available for your choice- GPS, WIFI, Camera, Bluetooth, USB 3G Modem, MINI Keyboard(USA).

Experience the performance advantages offer by 1GHz CPU S5PV210,

The S5PV210 provides state-of-the-art 3D performance and a rich collection of multimedia support, while achieving the lowest power consumption. It is the only sensible processor choice for Tablest PC and Smartphone products.The CPU can makes your Tablets PC and Smartphone works more than 10 hours.

It supports Built-in HD level image (2048x2048) , Multi-Format Codec 1080p@30fps MPEG 2/4, H.264/H.263, VC-1, XviD. And OUT-put TV out , HDMI 1.3 for 1080p, 1080i, and it can support USB OTG 2.0, 3D Graphic Accelerator . Also, it is possible to boot USB and SD Card. This board with SDRAM supported Bus Speed of 400MHz and L2 Cache 512KB memory support is full solution board which developers can have all specification test (Full Spec.) like high function Mobile Device, Industry Control/ System Control Device as it consumes lower power and more function than previous ARM board.

The KIT S5PV210 Development Board is based on S5PV210.The kit makes full uses of the the CPU,coming with schematics drawing and source code for Wince6.0 and Android2.1. It is important to get Boardcon technical supports by purchasing the evaluation kit. The most key point that makes your products have lowest power consumption ,high performance and shortest time on-market.

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