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Programmers & Debuggers

ARM Emulator & Debugger

Product Feature :

•  USB 2.0 interface. plug and play in Windows.

•  ARM-JL supports ARM7/ARM9 Core, support thumb mode,ARM-ML add support ARM Cortex M3, ARM-HL add support ARM11 S3C6410, ARM-A8 support ARM Cortex A8.

•  Download speed 600k byte/s.

•  DCC speed 800k byte/s.

•  Support ADS, RDI, Flash-DL, Flash-BP, J-Flash.

•  Support firmware upgrade.

•  5V JTAG Compliance.

•  Support SWD debug interface, Support IAR SWD interface for debugging cortex-m3.

•  Support IAR Workbench.

•  Power from USB, no extra power supply.

•  JTAG Clock 12M.

•  Automatic core recognize.

•  Automatic speed match.

•  Automatic clock match.

•  Automatic clock match.

•  Support multiple devices debugging on JTAG.

•  Plug & Play.

•  20Pin standard.

•  Wide target voltage support: 1.2V-5.0V and Supports debugging for multiple core.

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