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REACH- Competency Model – A Value chain Eco-System

REACH has established as the leader in extending the latest technology to the Educational Institutions . Our focus is to bridge the gap between industry and academia by effective utilization of resources and by adapting to latest technology with its strong expertise.


Today, Technology around us is changing at a rapid pace. The revolution in Electronics and Internet has opened the door for unparalleled opportunities. Niche Technology Domains like Communications, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Entertainment Electronics, Storage Solutions, Medical Electronics, Telematics etc., are realizing phenomenal Changes.

Market Potential:

Industry leaders from across the globe working on the above domains are establishing their facilities in India . Design market in India has witnessed a steady growth in the last three years. Companies have increased their human resources in big numbers. These technology leaders demand highly skilled Engineers to augment this growth. DSP, VLSI and Embedded Systems form the core part of the above technology growth and innovation. There is a dearth of Engineers with core technical skills in areas like DSP, VLSI and Embedded Systems.


The Competency arm of REACH is committed to provide Engineers, the knowledge that will bridge their skill set with the industry demands.

Reach Information&Communication System
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