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REACH – Profile:

In nine years, REACH has established as the leader in extending the latest technology and services to the Academics.


  • To Bridge the gap between the academia and industry
  • To develop low cost development Tools for student to learn latest technology
  • To impart technical competency to students and to make them industry ready (Competency Arm)
Bridging the gap between industry and academia by effective utilization of resources and by adapting to latest technology with its strong expertise. Thereby provide cost effective and quality solutions to all our clients.

Today the competitive global demand for skilled professionals is a major issue. The revolution in Electronics and Internet has opened the door for unparalleled opportunities. There is a dearth of specialized technical skills in advanced areas like DSP, VLSI, Embedded Systems, Communication and Networking.
REACH-Academic Relation:
REACH is committed to provide educational institutions with the tools and technology needed to develop a well-trained workforce to meet the difficult challenges of the industry. Before entering the industry, the student receives hands-on experience in the Labs and by doing projects using these advanced tools. This would help the students address the industry requirements. We also have a vision to strategically ally with educational institutions in imparting the industry exposure to the students. We also employ some of the Best Students from the colleges in our Projects. Here the mission is to bridge the gap between academic and industry by providing training to upcoming professionals to use latest technology to help them participate in developing the new economy.
Reach Information&Communication System
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