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SignalRanger mk2: 24 bits/16 CH DSP BOARD

Product Features

The Signal Ranger MK2 is a fixed point DSP board featuring a 300 MHz TMS320C5502 DSP, a 400 kgates SPARTAN 3 FPGA, and a high-speed USB 2 interface, providing fast communication to the board. The Windows driver allows the connection of any number of boards to a PC.The DSP board may be used while connected to a PC, providing a means of exchanging data and commands between the PC and DSP in real-time (ideal for advanced dedicated instrumentation). It may also be used in stand-alone mode, executing embedded DSP code.Given its very flexible resources (DSP + FPGA) and the fact that it can work as a stand-alone board, the Signal Ranger MK2 board may be used in many applications. The Signal Ranger MK2 DSP board can be used with the expansion boards SR2_Analog_16 or with the SR2-A810. The SR2-Analog_16 provides 16 ADCs and DACS (16-bits), a cost-effective solution for multi-channel DSP applications.The SR2-A810 is designed for SPM control application or High-speed control applications. This expansion board has 8 analog I/Os capable of operating at up to 150 kHz with a very low input-output group-delay,low noise and very high DC stability.

Software Features


•  Multi-channel speech and audio acquisition and processing

•  Multi-channel control

•  Instrumentation and measurement

•  Vibro-acoustic analysis

•  Acoustic array processing/beamforming

•  DSP software development

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