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SignalRanger_mk3: 24 bits/6 CH DSP BOARD

Product Features

SignalRanger_mk3 is a DSP board featuring a TMS320C6424 DSP running at 590 MHz, 6-input/6-output 96 kHz/24-bit analog interface designed for pro-audio and high-performance control applications and a high-speed USB 2 interface, providing fast communication to the board. An optional Ethernet link is also available. The communication interfaces are based on the powerful and multi-purpose DDCI architecture. The Signal Ranger Mk3 board is suitable for the following applications: - Multi-channel speech and audio acquisition and processing , Multi-channel control - Measurement and Instrumentation , Vibro-acoustic analysis - Acoustic Array processing/Beamforming, DSP software development

Hardware Features

•  6424 DSP from Texas Instruments at 590 MHz (4800 MMACS: Millions Multiply-ACcumulate operations per Second)

•  208 Kbytes of internal memory, 32 Mbytes of Flash memory, and 128 Mbytes of external memory DDR2 at 333 MHz

•  6 x 24-bits analog I/Os with an adjustable sampling rate between 4 kHz and 96 kHz (two of the six inputs can accept Electret microphones)

•  Input SNR of 101 dB (audio bandwidth) and Output SNR of 104 dB (audio bandwidth)

•  USB 2.0 interface (35 Mbit/s)

•  Expansion connector: PWMs, GPIOs, McBSP, UARTs, and Timers

•  Optional expansion board available with Ethernet (RJ45) connector (provided with software that allows remote access to the board through the web)

•  Power supply connector (5VDC).

Software Features

•  USB driver (signed) for Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 32-bits/64-bits. When LabVIEW libraries are used, the board can be used on MAC and Linux operating systems.

•  LabView PC communication driver (Windows, MAC, and Linux) and standard API (DLL) for Windows OS only

•  DSP driver for the analog I/Os and flash memory

•  DSP code written in C for the analog I/Os ready to receive the user signal processing code (IO_Shell)

•  PC and DSP example codes for flash memory and analog I/Os management

•  Self-test PC application to test the entire hardware on the DSP board

•  DDCI Interface (Development to Deployment Code Instrumentation) for a fast and easy application development. This software can be used with the USB interface or the optional Ethernet interface.

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