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TI F28335 EVM II

Product Features

•  DSP processor TMS320F28335, 32-bit floating-point high-speed digital processor, a maximum operating frequency of 150M.

•  DSP chip built-256K * 16 bit FLASH, users can be stored procedures, FLASH can be encrypted.

•  DSP chip built-in 34K * 16 bit SRAM.

•  DSP chip outside the extended 256K * 16 bit FLASH (basic configuration), the biggest can be expanded to 1M * 16 bit.

•  DSP chip 64K * 16 bit extended SRAM (basic configuration), the biggest can be expanded to 512K * 16 bit.

•  Board has 2Kb serial EEPROM (basic configuration).

•  Board has 10M Ethernet interface chip, compatible with NE2000, the user can achieve high-speed communication.

•  HOST USB2.0 high-speed on-board interface, you can plug-in mobile hard disk mass storage implementation.

•  Has SD card interface board can be an external large-capacity SD card.

•  Board has 2-way RS232 conversion circuit, you can achieve with the host computer communications.

•  Board there is one way CAN2.0 conversion circuit (basic configuration), the largest 2-channel configuration, users can network.

•  Board has graphics LCD interface (driver software compatible SED1330, SED1335, S1D13700, etc.).

•  Board has up to 8 keys, user-friendly man-machine dialogue with the LCD implementation.

•  There is a microphone jack on the board can achieve recording.

•  Board has 16 input interface voltage-AD (precision: 12bit, input voltage range :0-3V, the fastest conversion time: 80ns)

•  Board has extended interruption of input buttons and interfaces

•  Board has eight light-emitting diodes can be used to debug procedures, monitoring.

•  Have on-board power-on reset, manual reset function automatically, user-friendly debugging.

•  Provide on-board the bus open, the data line (16), Address line (8), special function pin to bring out the secondary development of user-friendly.

Typical Application

•  Teaching applications, industrial automation control, UPS, motor control, robot.

•  Variable frequency control, automotive, mechanical, disk drives, digital filtering.

•  Vibration analysis, AC Servo, DC motor control, power automation.

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