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Universal Network image voice processing board

Product Features

•  DSP uses TI's TMS320DM642GNZ600, frequency 600MHz, the peak computing power: 4800MIPS

•  SDRAM: 32Mbyte SDRAM, clocked at 100MHz, the bus width: 64;

•  FLASH: 4Mbyte NOR FLASH, along with 16Mbyte NAND FLASH, you can board a great programs or data storage, such as images and MP3 and so on.

•  4 Way (2 channels) standard video input, PAL / NTSC format.

•  2 video output, which way is TV output, PAL / NTSC format, and S, the other way as the standard VGA output, you can direct PC monitor, the two outputs are independent and can be used alone or can be used simultaneously, both output the same content can output different content.

•  Standard stereo audio input / output (speak in, line in, line out), the most common use of MP3 player devices AIC23.

•  10M/100M Ethernet interface,

•  Two standard RS232 serial port, the maximum per channel 115.2k / s.

•  40-pin standard IDE hard drive socket for direct connection of the hard disk.

•  40-pin standard socket, with 32 user-defined I / O interface that leads from the CPLD.

•  HPI interfaces.

•  8 user-defined LED, line status indicator, 8 keys.

•  Onboard a special reset circuit and watchdog circuit, and another real-time clock.

•  The standard JTAG interface to facilitate debugging simulation.

•  Single +5 V supply, the internal design of a variety of power conversion modules

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